IE9 Release Candidate due February 10?


Looks like a public release of the long anticipated Internet Explorer 9 Release Candidate (RC) is just two weeks away!

According to an invitation sent out by Microsoft, there is an event taking place in San Francisco on February the 10th. This will likely be when the first public release of IE9 RC will be announced.

“Members from the Internet Explorer team (and some special guests) will be visiting San Francisco in two weeks to share some important news. I know it’s an extremely busy news week already, but we’re hoping you can join us.”

Since the first public beta of IE9 was released, many users have argued that IE9 will need more to be the best browser out there.

Microsoft has been very tight-lipped about IE9. Not much is known about the release candidate. Will there be any more exciting new features? We’re going to have to wait until February 10th to find out.