Bethesda’s Deathloop reached the 5 million player mark

Robert Collins

Arkane Studios’ time-bending FPS Deathloop has reached an impressive milestone, having been played by 5 million players around the globe. Presumably this number is across all platforms.

The team marked the occasion by posting a thank you tweet to all those who had played the game. Also posted were some pretty incredible player statistics.

According to the posts data, players have accumulatively used the Shift ability enough to travel to the moon and back 7 times. Equally impressive, protagonist Colt has spent 190 years being invisible with the Aether ability.

Deathloop released on Xbox as a day-one Game Pass game in September 2022. Players take on the role of an assassin who is stuck in a time loop that he can only break by eliminating 8 “visionaries” on the island of Blackreef before midnight. The game won Best Art Direction and Best Game Direction at The Game Awards 2021. It has been speculated that new Deathloop DLC may be in the works.

Developer: Bethesda Softworks
Price: Free