Beta Windows Dev Center app is now available on Android

Arif Bacchus

Windows Dev Center Android

The Windows Dev Center has always been the go-to place for Windows developers to monitor their applications. Although a Windows Dev Center application has been available on Windows 10 via the Windows Store, Microsoft is now making it available on Android by launching a beta version of the app on the Google Play Store (via Android Police.)

As one can expect, this version of the Windows Dev Center app for Android is currently a work in progress, hence it is listed as “unreleased” on the Google Play Store. It is not exactly polished, and it one can expect that not all functionalities will be working. Features of the application can be seen below.

  • Track app performance data
  • Use the dashboard to view acquisition, revenue, and crash highlights across all your apps. Then dig into specific app data to get a more detailed view, including customer demographics and OS version.
  • Investigate crashes
  • Use crash data to help identify and correct issues in your apps. View crashes over time by type, device, app version, and the exception type to help pinpoint issues in your code.
  • Respond to customer reviews

You can find the download link for the application below. If you’ve downloaded the app, please let us know how the experience is going for you by dropping us a comment!

Windows Dev Center
Windows Dev Center
Price: To be announced