Baconit app gets a bunch of new features in major update

Hammad Saleem


Baconit is a feature-rich client giving users the ability to make the most out of Reddit on their Windows 10 devices. Today, the app has received a major update, bumping it to version 4.2.0 and brings a number of new features and enhancements. The latest update comes with support for real-time text formatting when submitting a new post on Reddit, as well as support for Sub-reddit sidebars and more.
Here’s the complete change log for the latest update:

  • Subreddit Sidebar Support
    • Full subreddit sidebar markdown
    • Subreddit search
    • Subreddit pin to start
  • Submit post
    • Real-time text formatting for self text
    • Reddit formatting helper
    • Draft support
    • Submit to any subreddit
  • Completely rewritten Markdown parser and render
  • UI Cleanup
    • Better looking scrollbars on desktop
    • Cleaned up page titles (thanks paulbartrum)
  • Flip View
    • Pinch and zoom for images
    • Windows Apps control for Flip View (apps won’t auto open anymore)
    • Full screen support for webpages
    • “Go to subreddit” feature for posts (in the … menu)
  • Comments
    • OP name highlight in comments
    • Improved markdown support

Head over to the Windows Store using the link below to grab the updated Baconit Reddit client for Windows 10. Also check out the video below to see all the new features introduced in the latest Baconit update.

Developer: Quinn Damerell
Price: Free