Age of Empires: World Domination launches on Android and iOS, but in select countries

Hammad Saleem

Age of Empires World Domination

Announced almost over a year ago, Age of Empires: World Domination is now available for download. At the moment, the game is only available on iOS and Android, and only in select countries so it seems like company is testing it out as a soft launch. Unfortunately, there’s no word about the launch of the app on Windows Phone, which is quite disappointing.
For those of you who can’t recall, Age of Empires: World Domination is developed by KLabGames in collaboration with Microsoft. The game is based on the good old Age of Empires for PC and follows a similar gameplay where you get to select from eight different civilizations, create your empire, train your army, and dominate the world. Furthermore, there are over a 100 legendary heroes to choose from who can take the charge in leading your troops to victory. Watch the promo video for a taste of World Domination:

Here’s the complete list of features the game has to offer:

  • A Revolutionary Real-Time Battle System
    • Manage your battle resources, deploy your troops and wage war with your opponents on the battlefield – all in real-time!
    • Adapt to the tide of battle and respond to your enemies in kind with the best tactics
    • Explore the map and lay waste to your enemies hidden in the fog-of-war
  • Your Empire, Your Legend
    • Limitless Empire Customization, create your own empire with structures from history’s greatest civilizations.
    • Choose your own progress with fan-favorite Technology Trees available with every empire!
    • Recreate historical empires by mastering all technologies of a single empire or…
    • Grow your original empire and create the finest army from selection of the world’s greatest civilizations!
  • Dominate the World with HEROES from the Greatest Empires
    • With over 100 legendary heroes to choose from, let your heroes take charge
    • Heroes include: Joan of Arc, King Arthur, Oda Nobunaga, Cao Cao, Knut the Great and more!
    • Team up your heroes with distinct troop types to create the ultimate battle unit!
  • Power of the World is Within Your Grasp
    • Manage your empire and deploy advanced tactics in battle with simple & intuitive touch gestures.
    • Tap, drag, swipe your way to victory!
    • Become a pro by starting with simple guide missions!
    • Rule the world effortlessly by enabling AUTO mode and letting the A.I. fight your way to the top

You may or may not be able to get the game depending on your location, here are the links:

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

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