You can now use the Automate tab in Excel for Windows and Mac to automate tasks

Kevin Okemwa

Microsoft Excel

Previously exclusive to Excel on the web, Automate tab is now generally available for Windows and Mac users. The Automate tab will let users reduce redundancy when using Excel. Essentially this feature creates and modifies scripts that automate your repetitive tasks using Office Scripts.

What’s more, you can enhance your experience by linking apps such as Microsoft Teams or SharePoint that will in turn help you build workflows with Power Automate. “Combine these productivity technologies to have Power Automate schedule your Office Script. This tab represents the first stage of uniting automation solutions across platforms,” says Microsoft.

We invite you to check out Microsoft’s blog post which details how to view, run scripts, and even create a new script. Be sure to also check out our post that highlights all the new features that made it to Excel in December last year.