AT&T’s IoT Starter Kit now available for Azure IoT Suite

Michael Cottuli

Earlier this year, we reported that AT&T was looking into a future in the internet of things by offering up an IoT starter kit. These starter kits are finally available to pre-order on AT&T’s website and are offering developers the hardware they need to fully explore the possibilities of an IoT-enabled experience. The full starter kit is currently being sold for $99, but you can also grab a SIM-only version for $11.

Here’s what the full package gets you:

  • Avnet Cellular Connectivity Shield based on the WNC MQ14 module
  • AT&T Control Center Development Plan
  • 300MB of Data
  • 300 SMS
  • Active for 6 months and enabled for Domestic AT&T US and AT&T Mexico (no roaming)

If you’re looking to get your hands on the IoT starter kit (the full version or just the one with SIM), you can find it right here. If you want to learn a bit more about what AT&T has in mind when it comes to the future of IoT, you can look at their IoT portfolio page. While you don’t usually think of AT&T as a company that drives innovation through the Internet of Things, this starter kit signifies that they’re serious about seeing what developers can do when they get their hands on this sort of technology.

Beyond just offering up this starter kit option to developers, AT&T is also offering to help businesses start innovating with the IoT. If you look closer at their IoT portfolio, you’ll see that they’re offering the help of specialists to those who want to learn a little bit more. They ended the portfolio with the phrase “Pioneering is not a solo effort,” ensuring customers and business partners that they’re dedicated to keeping their ears open for feedback and further collaboration.