Tower Git client is coming soon to Windows, sign up for the beta today

Michael Cottuli

Windows 10 Sign Logo NYC

Git is one of the most popular version control systems out there, allowing development teams to work in collaboration on a project – sharing code between each other seamlessly and providing a full history of all code changes, through the use of commits. Any software developer is well acquainted with the importance of version control with frequently-updating applications, and those who do their work on Mac have probably heard of Tower. This popular Mac Git client, however, is soon making its way onto Windows 10.

Apart from the fact that Tower is making its way to Windows 10, we don’t really know any details. We have no idea when the Git client will be sending out its beta invitations, much less when the full app is going to make its way onto the Windows store. We’ll be keeping an eye on Tower to see when things start to get a bit more exciting for fans of the client, but the promise of an eventual Windows app should be enough to get some people excited for the future.