Attend Microsoft’s webinar on July 20 to establish your enterprise cloud strategy roadmap

Michael Cottuli

Microsoft Logo

If you’re looking to find that magic compromise between efficient IT solutions and innovative business strategies, you may want to check out Microsoft’s upcoming webinar. The webinar is being hosted by Eduardo Kassner and Barry Briggs (Microsoft Director of Cloud Solution Architecture and former CTO of Microsoft IT, respectively) and is going to be tackling strategies on how you can keep utilizing machine learning and big data to better your business.

Here’s what you can learn during the webinar:

  • What makes the cloud so compelling to enterprises
  • Top approaches for cloud adoption and where they land with Microsoft offerings
  • Mapping your customers’ visions to a repeatable process for starting or migrating workloads
  • Microsoft’s own experience moving to the cloud

More details regarding the webinar can be found in a blog post right here, where Cloud + Enterprise Chief Strategist James Staten goes over what you can expect in detail. You can also check out the official page for the webinar here, where you can get a bit more information and register to attend.