Atomic Heart reaches 5 million players in its first 3 weeks

Robert Collins

Despite a mixed critical reception (which we covered in our Atomic Heart review roundup) Mundfish Games’ FPS Atomic Heart has enjoyed quite a successful launch, with over 5 million players in the first 3 weeks since release. Mundfish CEO, founder and Game Director Robert Bagratuni made the announcement on his Twitter account. In the post he went on to express gratitude toward all who have played the game so far.

In a follow-up post Bagratuni said the team is working to “improve the overall game experience.” He also stated that DLC content is in active development.

No doubt the game’s day one release on Xbox Game Pass has something to do with the Atomic Heart‘s hit launch. However, the number of Game Pass players was not specifically revealed.

Atomic Heart is a single-player FPS with a retro-futuristic aesthetic. It takes liberal influence from games like Bioshock and Fallout. Atomic Heart has been praised for its worldbuilding, though it has been criticized for certain gameplay elements and for its writing.

Via Pure Xbox