At $799, Yamaha CS-500 now certified for Microsoft Teams

Devesh Beri

Yamaha’s CS-500 Video Collaboration System has received certification for Microsoft Teams and Zoom Rooms, allowing it to integrate into Teams-based remote conferencing environments. This system combines microphone and camera functionalities necessary for remote meetings into a single device.

Microsoft Teams-certified devices like the CS-500 contribute to improved collaboration experiences in meeting room settings, according to Albert Kooiman, Senior Director at Microsoft Corp.


  1. SoundCap Eye Technology: This tech uses a multi-dimensional mic array and video positioning to improve audio quality and meeting engagement; Yamaha develops this technology
  2. 4K AI-Enabled Video Camera: The system features a high-resolution 4K camera with AI-enabled capabilities. 
  3. Auto-Framing: The camera focuses on meeting participants for optimal visibility during conferences with auto-framing.
  4. Flexible Tracking Modes: The camera has three tracking modes: speaker, individual, and group.

The Yamaha CS-500, part of the CS-800 series, has recently been certified as a Microsoft Teams Room solution. The CS-500 is available for $799, while the CS-800 is priced at $999.

Yamaha CS800

Would you be willing to pay $799.00 for the Yamaha CS-500 Video Collaboration System, considering its features and benefits for remote conferencing and collaboration?

via BusinessWire