Recent Windows 11 update triggers BSOD on some MSI motherboards

Pranav Bhardwaj

windows 11 laptop

Recent reports indicate that the latest Windows 11 KB5029351 update has resulted in a “Blue Screen of Death” error for users utilizing specific MSI motherboards. Following the installation of an update released earlier this week, some Windows 11 users have encountered this error, accompanied by a “UNSUPPORTED_PROCESSOR” message.

In response to the emerging issue, Microsoft has initiated an investigation. The company acknowledges the occurrence of the “Blue Screen of Death” problem and aims to determine its origins. A statement from Microsoft’s Windows health center reads, “We are presently investigating to determine if this is an issue caused by Microsoft. We will provide an update when more information is available.”

Windows 11 Unsupported Processor Error

To address the situation, Microsoft has chosen to remove the troublesome KB5029351 update from the affected systems while keeping it available for unaffected users.

The KB5029351 update underwent Microsoft’s standard testing procedures, including Windows Insider testing, the Release Preview ring, and subsequent distribution to retail Windows 11 users, before the issues came to light.

The exact cause behind this issue remains uncertain. However, some speculation has arisen regarding a potential connection between the problem and recent BIOS updates released by MSI. These updates were intended to enable compatibility with Intel’s upcoming 14th Gen desktop CPUs, codenamed Raptor Lake-S Refresh. MSI issued BIOS updates for Z690 and Z790 motherboards, specifically to “support next-gen CPUs,” which may have inadvertently triggered compatibility conflicts.

Reddit users have been actively discussing and troubleshooting the matter, revealing a recurring trend among those who encountered the issue. Many of these users had already implemented the latest MSI BIOS update. 

In response to the situation, Microsoft encourages users facing problems to use the Feedback Hub to report their experiences. This feedback assists Microsoft’s investigation by providing essential user insights and diagnostic data, potentially expediting the resolution process.

Via: The Verge