Are you ready for the Oscars? Bing is here to help with predictions, movie moments, and Red Carpet Looks

Arif Bacchus

Hollywood’s biggest night is just a few short days away, and before the stars take the stage at the Oscars on Sunday, February 26th, there is still some time left to catch up on all things Hollywood. Luckily, Bing is getting you ready for the Oscars and is helping with predictions, movie moments, Red Carpet Looks, and so much more.

To catch up on trivia and all the Hollywood gossip before the Oscars, you can head to Bing and search “Academy Awards” and check out nominees, predictions, and more. You also can use the Bing nominee carousel to see who’s in the running for each category, and who Bing predicts will take home Hollywood’s most prestigious award. Additionally, you can revisit last year’s Oscars Red carpet fashions, and see all the red carpet styles of 2016. Interestingly enough, the Bing team points out that you even can buy the Red carpet looks you’ll see on Sunday night!

Come back to Bing the morning after (Monday, February 27) and we’ll show where you can buy similar red carpet looks! Bing image-recognition technology scans photos of a celebrity’s clothes, searches for the best matches, and then help you discover the shopping sites where you can find similar outfits.

Of course, the Oscars also sometimes take a turn for the interesting, so you can also use Bing to check out what you might have missed by searching up “Best Moments” after the show ends. And, you can always search up “movies near me” to see your Oscars stars on the big screen, and also read up on all the latest news by checking out Bing News.