Mary Jo Foley joins BWW Media Group as “Chief Community Magnate”

Kip Kniskern

Mary Jo Foley

If you follow Microsoft, you know about Mary Jo Foley. Mary Jo has been writing about Microsoft since 1983, and currently writes the industry standard All About Microsoft blog on ZDNet. Many of you may know her as well from her Windows Weekly podcast series on TWiT TV, along with another longtime Microsoft follower Paul Thurrott and host Leo LaPorte.

Well now Foley is making her partnership with Thurrott, Brad Sams and company more official, announcing that she’s becoming “Chief Media Magnate” for BWW Group (formerly Blue Whale Web), looking to aggregate Microsoft-centric content on, the main BWW Group property. Effective immediately, Foley will be “charged with helping to find more of the best people in the Microsoft tech communities and bring them to your attention,” but she’ll still continue to write for ZDNet.

A personal note, like nearly everyone who covers Microsoft events, I’ve come to know and genuinely like Mary Jo over the years, sharing stories and living through the “Sinofsky years,” where things were, well, tough on her and all of us (if you think Trump is bad with the media….!!). Glad to see that the company has changed for the better, and glad to see Mary Jo Foley take on a new, exciting and challenging role. Congrats!