Applications Insights help developers monitor Analytics queries in Azure dashboards

Kit McDonald

If you’re a developer, then tracking your apps can help you understand very basic and complex questions about your app’s performance. Who runs your app and where are they from is a common question that many developers ask themselves. That’s why the telemetry from Visual Studio Application Insights are invaluable, but clicking that button ‘Go’ each time you need to run the query can be a bit tedious. Microsoft Azure has a new feature for that.

Now developers can use the insights from Visual Studio directly in correlation with the Microsoft Azure dashboard. Live feeds of a query can be monitored with just a click of the pin button. Even better, the information can be automatically grouped together for smaller figures without any extra hassle.

Charts can be positioned and the title of the chart can be changed to make the tool more useful and versatile, and they will automatically be refreshed roughly every half hour. More details will come in the future to support pie charts and edit dashboard charts as the Azure team looks to make it easier to operate your insights.