Apple Stores refreshed with iPad 2 shopping experience


Apple has decided to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the launch of their retail stores with a refresh of the shopping experience. By utilizing the iPad 2 throughout the store, Apple is attempting to simplify and automate the process for customers.

Running custom software, iPad 2s are deployed throughout the store next to each product providing specifications, pricing, and comparisons to different models of the product. Customers can also page an Apple Store employee for further questions or for purchasing options. This should bypass the frustrating experience of trying to find an available employee in the usually packed Apple Stores.

The deployed iPad 2s are also utilizing a new thin power cord that is hardly visible to the user. Furthermore, security measures are in place to prevent the iPad 2s from being removed from the store including Wifi coordinate tracking.

According to PC Magazine, the design of the new shopping experience allegedly comes straight from the top courtesy Steve Jobs and Jonathan Ive. Apple Stores were traditionally hailed as the complete shopping experience by providing both retail sales and full support of products directly in the store. The use of iPad 2s throughout the stores should only further emphasize Apple’s goal of customer satisfaction and distance itself from the traditional retail electronics stores such as Best Buy.

Below is a video of the new iPad 2 ‘Smart Signs’ courtesy of