Apple Nearly Ready to Offer Cloud Music Service


Apple is getting closer and closer in negotiations with major record labels and music publishers for its cloud-based music service that will allow users to upload and store music on the Web and access it on the go.

As the NYTimes reports, Apple is almost ready to introduce its cloud-based music service which will allow users to store their music on the Web and stream it to any smartphone, tablet, or computer anywhere.

Apple has already signed deals with Sony Music Entertainment, EMI, and Warner Music Group to license recordings for the new cloud-based service. Apple is still working on securing a deal with Universal Music Group, which is the largest of the four labels.

Reports are indicating that Apple might announce the new music service next month during its annual developer conference in San Francisco.

“Apple doesn’t announce anything until it is ready. We know that the data center is online, but we don’t know whether the software components and the service pieces will be ready by next month,” said analyst Tim Bajarin.

As far as the service being free, analyst Gene Munster said, “I don’t think it is something they will have to give away for free, at least initially.” Of course we will just have to wait and see.