Any failed 2014 resolutions? Microsoft wants to help you make up for lost time

Sean Cameron

Microsoft launches #MakeItHappen campaign

It is something of a problem for many people around the world every year. It is the early hours of January 1st, they’ve been in the festive spirit for at least a week and they are hammered beyond compare. Having performed a somewhat unrehearsed rendition of ‘Auld Lang Syne’ and feeling merry, they look back at the year before, comparing and contrasting to those gone previously. They feel ashamed, and as such they make a few ‘resolutions’, writing cheques that they later cannot afford. So the yearly cycle continues, generating a cycle of shame and despair felt globally.

Microsoft has seen this and are now attempting to offer something of a solution to those with failed resolutions, at least for the month of December. Inspired by the fact that the year is not yet finished, the company has taken the small window of opportunity available to those affected and are now publicizing their efforts with the campaign #MakeItHappen.

Microsoft #MakeItHappen

Throughout the month of December, through public declarations of interest on their Facebook page, Microsoft will be granting the wish of one user every day to go some way towards achieving this end. Who’s to say that holiday spirit isn’t in the air? Head over to the VIA link to check it out.