Here are the most searched topics on Bing in 2014 — Kim Kardashian tops the list

Sean Cameron

Microsoft Bing

As time has gone by, Microsoft has developed their search engine, Bing, into quite a competitive alternative to Google. As such, a larger number of people have begun to use the service on a regular basis. Naturally this has lead to an exponential rise in the number of odd requests seen by the Bing engine over the last year.

Bing, aware of this, have now released the most searched for terms and topics of 2014, so far, and suffice it to say that the results are….interesting. Kim Kardashian, professional space-occupier and occasional procrastinator, has dethroned Beyonce’s previous title and is now the most searched for person of 2014. Spurred on by a marriage, offspring, and a certain magazine shoot, Kardashian has certainly done quite a job keeping in the public eye.

Microsoft Bing

The world of sports has also enjoyed something of a bumper year with regards to popularity. Spurred on by the FIFA World Cup and the Superbowl, search rankings for sports in general went stratospheric. Other interesting searches included Queen Bey, Robin Williams, and Joan Rivers. There were also quite a bit of app searches.

“Bing search results show that we are social butterflies when it comes to downloading new apps. Half of the most searched apps of 2014 are social media apps. Skype is the only video communication application on the list, coming in at number four. The top gaming apps are Candy Crush and Angry Birds again this year, with newcomer to the list, Farmville, appearing in the number ten spot,” Microsoft added.

Among the celebrity babies and the rest that make up the other rankings, there are others of note, though none notable enough to go into considerable detail. What is for sure is that, though the future is bright, it is Kardashian-shaped. You can check out the 2014 Bing trends at the VIA link below.