Another wave of HoloLens Developer kit invites goes out

Arif Bacchus

Microsoft HoloLens

If you’re one of the lucky few who have been patiently waiting to get your hands on a HoloLens Developer Kit, then we have got good news for you. As Neowin reports, Microsoft is now sending out the fourth wave of invites to purchase the $3,000 device.

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 1.36.41 PM
Wave 4 of HoloLens is now shipping

It is not relatively easy to obtain the device, as the process involves applying for an invitation, being a Windows Insider, and being a developer in the United States or Canada where the Development Edition is first available. Nonetheless, those who successfully receive an invitation, must act within 10 days, and are provided instructions from Microsoft on how to purchase the device.

If you’re not lucky enough to get your hands on a HoloLens, our own Sean Ong has been covering the device from the bottom up.  In more recent news, Microsoft opened up new plans for Windows Holographic, the platform underlying their popular HoloLens augmented reality solution. Windows Holographic will be coming to devices of all shapes and sizes, and Microsoft will be inviting OEM, ODM, and hardware partners to build PCs, displays, accessories and mixed reality devices with the Windows Holographic platform.