Angry Birds comes to Minecraft

Robert Collins

The smash hit puzzle-platformer Angry Birds is coming to the world of Minecraft. This latest crossover comes via a new DLC courtesy of Oreville Studios, the same developer behind The Theme Park and Art School Teens content additions.

In this new Minecraft adventure, the Flock has been birdnapped by the nefarious Pigs, all save Red, and it is his mission to rescue his feathered friends. To do this Red will have to traverse a range of new areas such as Cobalt Plateau, Piggy junkyard, Summer Madness and Pig City. Each member of the Flock rescued – Chuck, Bomb, Stella and others – will become a playable ally with their own unique skills.

The Flock will also be tasked with saving their precious eggs from the Pigs, who have who seem to have something sinister up their figurative sleeves. Topple their Pig towers in classic mode; defeat the Pig King and save the day either all on your own or cooperatively with friends in this exciting crossover DLC.