Android’s Microsoft Launcher to remove the relatively new Windows Timeline feature

Brad Stephenson

Microsoft Launcher app icon.

The Windows Timeline feature has only been around for about two years but it looks as if Microsoft may be beginning to back off on support for it, at least on Android.

It was revealed today (via WC) that users of the Microsoft Launcher beta app on Android have begun receiving a notification informing them that support for Windows Timeline would be removed sometime in the near future.

It’s unclear why Windows Timeline is being removed but the usual reason for such a feature removal is often related to a basic lack of use by users.

Windows Timeline syncs data from iOS, Android, and Windows 10 devices to display a variety of recently-used apps and files. This allows users to pick up from where they left off on one device after beginning work on another.

While this is rather cool, it’s also one of the many features that people simply forget about due to it being invisible until activated on most devices.

Tip: To open Windows Timeline on Windows 10, simply swipe up on the touchpad with four fingers of press the Tab and Windows keys at the same time.

It’s unknown if Microsoft intends to sunset Windows Timeline functionality on other apps and devices.

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