Analyst: Surface Pro 3 is Santa’s surprise, predicts more than $1.1 billion revenue for Microsoft


1.275 million Surface Pro 3 to sell this quarter, bring 1.1 billion revenue to the company, predicts analyst

After a couple of not-so-successful attempts, it looks like Microsoft has finally got it right with Surface tablet. The company’s flagship Windows-powered tablet, the Surface Pro 3 has been doing exceptionally well since its launch in May. And if estimations from Pacific Crest Securities are to be believed, the Surface Pro 3 will provide the company some more boost in the ongoing quarter.

Brendan Barnicle, an analyst at Pacific Crest finds the Surface Pro 3 a “Santa’s surprise,” and predicts that the tablet will bring substantial revenue to the company. While talking to several retailers, the firm was told that the Surface Pro 3 is still in the demand. “Over the past week we spoke with more than 50 retailers across the United States. They reported surprisingly strong sales of Surface Pro 3,” Barnicle said in a research note late Monday.

“It is increasingly viewed as a laptop replacement for business users and students. Inventory levels are lean, with most retailers averaging six to eight days of sales on hand. Channel partners expect that Surface Pro 3 strength can continue into the new year as enterprise clients are showing more interest in the product.”

Barnicle believes that the Surface Pro 3 could bring more than $1.1 billion revenue to the company. Which in other words would translate to sales of at least 1.275 million Surface Pro 3 units.  The tablet had added more than $900 million in the fiscal Q1. That’s huge!