New Sunset Overdrive add-on “The Mystery of the Mooil Rig” arrives on Xbox One

Sean Cameron

New Sunset Overdrive add-on "The Mystery of the Mooil Rig" arrives on Xbox One

Fans of the recently released anarchic sandbox-shooter Sunset Overdrive have another reason to be happy this holiday season, as the first add-on for the game has been made available for purchase for players on Xbox One.

The new update brings new story mission and a large number of side quests, expanding the playability of what is already rather a large game. In addition to this, the expansion adds a number of weapons, amps and a large number of vanity items, giving the player a diverse array of hats and shoes from which to pick. There is also a full Chaos Squad mission, as well as a Night Defense base, new enemies and a brand new boss for players to vanquish. The player also has new movement options when traveling over water, allowing for a number of different tricks. The DLC costs $9.99.

As ever with Xbox, this new release also brings new achievements and costumes for your avatar, giving more of an impetus to continue playing.

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