Amazon removes Windows phone app from Windows Store, no news on a replacement

Mark Coppock

Amazon Windows Phone App

If you’re an avid Amazon shopper, then you might use the Amazon App on your various devices. Up to recently, Windows phones were included, meaning you could search Amazon and manage your account from a dedicated Windows phone app rather than simply heading to the Amazon website to get your fix.

Unfortunately, Amazon has apparently dropped support for the Windows phone app that was previously searchable in the Windows Store. According to (via MSPUl), the app was removed from search and while it remains downloadable via a direct link and current users aren’t affected, it’s looking like Amazon’s already-limited support of Windows PCs and phones has received another blow.

Here’s Amazon support’s take:

1. Why is the Amazon Shopping app no longer available in the Windows Store?

… The Shopping app is not available for Windows Phone for download. We recommend customers call via your mobile browser, where they have access to all the shopping features.

2. Why can Windows Phone users not download the Amazon Shopping App?

It is our first priority to offer our customers the best possible shopping experience, so our shopping app is no longer available for Windows Phone. We recommend customers call via your mobile browser, where they have access to all the shopping features.

3. Is a new Amazon App for Windows 10 in development?

Sorry, we have no information about our product planning.

4. Does this change have any effect on Windows Phone users who have already downloaded the app?

No, currently there is no impact.

For now, Amazon recommends hitting up their website, which is a usable solution. We’ll be interested to know if Amazon plans to support the Universal Windows Platform at some point with fully-features Windows 10 apps, but for now, Windows users are limited to only very limited Kindle app support and no app support for Amazon Prime Music or Video.

Download the Amazon App from the link below while you can. Let us know what you think about Amazon’s support of Windows phones in the comments below.

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