Amazon Italy lists Lumia 850 screen cover, probably means nothing

Arif Bacchus

lumia 850 Honjo

The Lumia 850 was supposed to be a mid-range Windows 10 Mobile device that was allegedly scrapped by Microsoft last minute and possibly transformed into a Lumia 650 XL. Photos of the would-be device continue to surface nevertheless, including leaked photos showed the Lumia 850 sporting a gold metal frame and an Iris scanner, and rumors of Microsoft offering three new phone segments have been spreading.

The Lumia fun does not end there, though, as now an Amazon Italy listing is showing off a Lumia 850 screen cover. As seen here, the screen cover for the would-be device is made from reinforced tempered glass, and is anti-shatter.

Lumia 850 Amazon Italy
Lumia 850 Amazon Italy screencover listing.

Priced at €7, the cover would go perfectly on the Lumia 850, if the device actually ends up existing. We doubt that it will, however, and as with everything Microsoft is doing in smartphones, we’ll just have to wait and see.