All Android users can now make phone calls on PC with the Windows 10 Your Phone app

Arif Bacchus

After a period of beta testing with Windows Insiders, Microsoft is finally ready to make the calling feature in Your Phone on Windows 10 available for all users. The company announced today in a tweet that the feature has now hit general ability, allowing all Android users to make and receive phone calls on a Windows 10 PC.

As we explained when we went hands-on with it, the feature makes Your Phone on Windows 10 feel a bit more complete. The overall experience works in cases where an Android device is connected to the Internet and Windows 10 either via a WiFi network or also a cellular connection if configured via the settings. As for the user interface the Calls feature in Your Phone, we quite liked it and found that the dialer and list of calls are quite concise.

Though we wished there was a way to sort incoming and outcoming calls, there is pop-up dialer which we liked for making calls in the Your Phone app easy. The experience even offers a nifty pop-up box to control audio, as you’ll be using your PC as a Bluetooth speaker to interact with the call.

The Calling feature should be rolling out as part of an update to the Your Phone app in Windows 10, though we’re not seeing it just yet on our end. But, be sure to head to the Microsoft Store now to see if it is available for you on your PC.