AdDuplex: The May 2020 Update became the most used version of Windows 10 this month

Laurent Giret

Windows 10 Pc

As Microsoft has just started rolling out the Windows 10 October Update last week, the latest survey from AdDuplex reveals that the October 2020 Update became the most popular version of the OS this month. Indeed, 37.7% of surveyed PCs are now running the May 2020 Update, up from 33.7% last month. As usual, these results are based on a survey of more than 100,000 PCs running AdDuplex ads.

Adduplex Windows Devices Statistics Report October 2020

Only 1.7% of Windows 10 PCs are currently running the October 2020 Update, and AdDuplex noted that “It’s too early to make any assumptions about its rollout velocity at this point.” According to a recent update on the Windows 10 Health dashboard, Microsoft has decided to slow down the roll out of the October 2020 Update. “We are slowly throttling up availability over the coming weeks to ensure a reliable download experience. As a result, the update may not be offered to you right away,” the company said.

If you’re not seeing the October 2020 Update on Windows Update yet, we previously detailed different methods to install it manually. This update is a pretty minor one overall, just like the November 2019 Update was last year, but there are some notable changes for the Start Menu, Alt+Tab experience, notifications, and Tablet experience on 2-in-1 devices. You can learn more details about new features in our detailed overview.