Adding a new layer on Microsoft Paint increases RAM by 2-4MBs

Devesh Beri

It has been coming to light that adding new layers via the new ‘layers‘ feature introduced by Microsoft in Microsoft Paint increases PC RAM usage. A user caught this issue on X.

The tweet further states:

I doubt anyone will use more than a few dozen layers, but performance is very poor with 2400+ layers.

Using 2400+ layers is an extreme case; unsurprisingly, performance would be significantly impacted at that level. For everyday users working on typical projects, this level of layer usage is unlikely to be an issue.

Despite the performance issues, adding layers and other features could make Microsoft Paint a more versatile tool for content creation and design, especially for users who don’t have access to more advanced software like Adobe Photoshop.

The performance issues seem more prominent on regular devices than on high-end ones. Users working on complex projects may need to consider their device specifications when using Microsoft Paint with multiple layers.

In summary, while adding layers and AI features to Microsoft Paint is a positive development for the software, the reported performance issues with RAM usage and crashes are notable concerns. Users interested in using Paint for content creation and design should keep an eye on updates from Microsoft to see if these issues are addressed in the future.

Microsoft must address performance concerns, even in extreme scenarios, to ensure a smooth and reliable user experience for all users, including those working on more complex projects.