A laptop with three screens? Yup, that’s possible with TRIO, a multi-screen laptop accessory

Arif Bacchus

Working on the go without the convenience of a computer monitor can be a pain, as keeping windows open side-by-side on a small 13-inch or 15-inch laptop screen can limit the size and scope of your productivity. Well, the folks at Mobile Pixels, famous for the DUEX portable monitor, have heard feedback. They’re back with a new Kickstarter project dubbed the TRIO, a 1080p multi-screen laptop accessory set out to boost your productivity.

Just like the previous DUEX portable monitor, the 12.5-inch TRIO and 14-inch TRIO Pro magnetize to the back of a laptop. A special patent-pending clip then allows you to secure the TRIO to your laptop, allowing you to slide out the screen as needed. You can also use up to two TRIOS at the same time, allowing you to slide out up two external screens — one from each side of your laptop.


Interestingly, TRIO also supports multiple methods of use. For group presentations, you can fold and place two TRIOS towards the back of a laptop in a triangle shape of up to a 180-degree angle. A single TRIO can rotate 270 degrees, for easy access. You can also use one TRIO as a stand-alone screen by placing it down and folding it up right. That’s thanks to its stable base. The accessory is also fairly light, coming in at 1.5 pounds for the 12.5-inch TRIO, and 1.8 pounds for the TRIO Pro.

TRIO requires the use of a single USB C cable for both power and data. It is compatible with Mac, Linux, Chrome, and Android devices, though a driver is needed for Windows. Included in the box is a USB-C cable, USB-C to USB-A cable and 8 magnetic plates for 3 laptops. Power draw is 4.5W, 40% less than the original DUEX.

Currently, the Kickstarter project is seeing huge success with a backing of $403,459 — surpassing the total $35,000 goal. The cheapest way to get TRIO would be to pledge $199 or more. That guarantees you one 12.5 inch TRIO, one sleeve, and one kickstand for 44% off the retail price of $354. A similar offer is available with the larger TRIO Pro, but for the pledge price of $219 or more. Pledging $349 or more will get you two TRIOS, and pledging $389 will get you two TRIO Pros. Estimated delivery is around January 2020, with shipping anywhere in the world.