6snap for Windows Phone updated, includes video creation with big fonts and more

Hammad Saleem

6Snap for Windows Phone

Over the past few weeks, the unofficial Snapchat client for Windows Phone 8, 6snap, received several updates that introduced many new features to the application. And the case is similar on New Year’s Eve as 6snap has received another update, bumping it to version 2.1. This update comes with many new features on board to improve the overall experience of the application, including the ability to create videos with big fonts, and more.

The latest 6snap update brings many new features and enhancements, including support for new Snapchat video encoding, as well as allowing users to create Snapchat videos with big fonts and the availability of the crop feature on 720p and 1080p devices. Previously, the application didn’t feature a reset password button, but in the latest update, the missing feature has been added for those who tend to forget their passwords.

Here’s a list of new features introduced in 6snap version 2.1:

  • Support new Snapchat video encoding
  • Create videos with big fonts
  • Use display name in snap list instead of username
  • Crop feature compatible with 720p and 1080p devices 
  • Add reset password button if sign in fails
  • Hide application bar when playing a snap
  • Save flash mode settings

Hit the download link given below to download 6snap for you Windows Phone handset. Let us know if you can find any other improvement not mentioned above.