5 Reasons Why the Windows 10 Twitter App NEEDS an Update ASAP

Brad Stephenson


It’s been almost half a year since the official Twitter app updated for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile devices. As a result, the app has now fallen even further behind in features present on the iOS and Android versions and there are several bugs that are in desperate need of being fixed. It needs to be updated as soon as possible and here are the five main reasons why.

Twitter Gifs be Broken

Animated gifs no longer work. Well, they show up just fine when viewing the Twitter timeline but Windows 10 users can now no longer add gifs to their own tweets due to a mysterious bug that renders attached gifs as completely black boxes. Gifs have been broken for months and it’s ridiculous that this problem hasn’t been fixed yet.

Still 140 Characters

Twitter recently doubled the number of characters in English language tweets from 140 to 280 and while this functionality has been added to the web, iOS, and Android versions of Twitter, users on a Windows phone or Windows 10 PC remain restricted to the traditional 140 letter limit. How barbaric.

Twitter List Management

Customizing lists in the Windows 10 Twitter app is ridiculously convoluted and most users find themselves using a web browser if they want to add or remove someone. It’s crazy that we still can’t add someone to a list from their Twitter profile by now.

Twitter Blocking & Muting Fails

Blocking and muting users and words works for the average tweet in a user’s timeline but it’s not perfect. In the Windows 10 app, a blocked user’s tweets can show up in your timeline if someone you follow retweets them as do tweets involving muted words. This can be frustrating when trying to avoid certain topics but it can also be quite toxic when attempting to block stalkers or those involved in harassment. Twitter really needs to fix these loopholes.

So Much Crashing

The official Twitter app crashes. A lot. On Windows 10 PCs and on Windows 10 Mobile smartphones, the Twitter app has a tendency to crash when composing a tweet, when reading a tweet, or even switching accounts. This is likely the main problem that most users would want fixed in a future update as it’s been an issue ever since the Twitter app launched in the Windows Store. How could this not have been fixed by now?

Are you getting frustrated with the Windows 10 Twitter app? Have you stopped using it and switched to an alternate solution? Let us know in the comments below.