Big things planned for OneDrive at new Oct 3 event

Kareem Anderson

Onedrive Updates 2023

Microsoft is loading up its Fall events calendar with its latest October 3, 2023, date saved for an unveiling of new OneDrive features.

Dubbed, The Future of File Management, Microsoft has confirmed a 1pm ET October 3rd event that’s part of the company’s Teams Live Event platform where attendees are being told they’ll get a first-hand look at OneDrive enhancements that include faster file access, better organization and improved security among other things.

This new OneDrive focused event isn’t being billed as an all-hands experience but more so catered to IT admins, partners and general “Microsoft 365 enthusiasts.”

For anyone interested, they can join Jeff Teper, the lead product, design, and engineering teams for Microsoft 365 as he and other OneDrive product members cover all the new features coming to OneDrive.

Teper and co. are also planning a Q&A section following the announcement where attendees can cover roadmaps, insider access, employee distribution and tenant access among other mission critical topics.

Event information:

Microsoft OneDrive: The Future of File Management is Here!

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Earlier today, there were signals of significant shifts coming to OneDrive with Microsoft announcing its new storage boost as a transitional phase for its storage management evolution that will now see photos double counted against the standard storage allotment in OneDrive.

There was also mention of Microsoft delivering features from its AI-fed Copilot platform to OneDrive according to a leaked video capture highlighting the October 3, 2023, event.

Microsoft has slowly been adding more casual-use features to OneDrive, bringing it further along the parity line with the native File Explorer experience on Windows. It’ll be interesting to see how OneDrive plays into the next version of Windows as well as the company’s nascent mobile ambitions.