Ignite Nov ’21: Microsoft announces SQL Server 2022 in Preview

Maourice Gonzalez

SQL Server 2022 Preview 2

Microsoft announced SQL Sever 2022 in Preview at Ignite November 2021. This will be their most cloud-connected release to date, with deep integration with Azure Purview and Synapse Link. These features are critical in today’s world where data and the ability to analyze it are king. The release comes with even better High Availability and Disaster Recovery features, as well as live migrations with no downtime and no-ETL connections to cloud analytics which allow administrators to manage large data sets with minimal impact to users.

High Availability and Disaster Recovery

SQL Server 2022 is fully integrated with the new link capability in Azure SQL Managed Instance to maintain uptime. With the new link functionality for Azure SQL Managed Instance, you can now apply all of the benefits of a PaaS environment to disaster recovery, saving you time on setup and management even when compared to an IaaS environment. This works by replicating data to a previously installed Azure SQL Managed Instance as a DR replica site using a built-in Distributed Availability Group (DAG). There is no need for extensive configuration or maintenance because the instance is available whenever you need it.

Security and Performance

SQL Server has had fewer vulnerabilities than the competitors over the last ten years. The new ledger functionality keeps an immutable record of data changes across time. This prevents malicious actors from tampering with data and is useful in instances such as internal and external audits.

SQL Server’s new Parameter Sensitive Plan optimization feature automatically enables the generation of multiple active cached plans for a single parameterized statement. These execution plans improve performance across a wide range of data sizes based on the runtime values.

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To learn about all of the new features headed into SQL Server 2022 check out this video from Microsoft Mechanics.

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To get in on the action early you have to register as participation in the preview program is very limited. You can find more information and get started by visiting the Early Adoption Page.