Windows 10 in-depth: Calendar app (video)

Posted by:Sean Michael

This week we take a look at the Calendar app inside of Windows 10. This app offers a good level of customization to help your calendar fit your needs. It also supports multiple accounts which makes it great for syncing your schedule across devices.

calendar personalization

When it comes to layout you can switch between light and dark theme, change your accent color and your background image. You can also switch between day, week, and months views. You can even select a specific number of days so if you have a three day weekend coming up you can view just a three day set.

The app supports a wide variety of accounts including Outlook, Gmail, Exchange and many more. This makes it a great app for a lot of different people because it lets you use Outlook the app even if you use a different calendar client.

Calendar event
Calendar event

Creating events is easy. You just select in your calendar and you can either add basic details inside of a mini menu or click the add details menu to customize it further.

Overall the app is a great day to day calendar app. It isn’t as powerful as the paid full version of Outlook but it does offer a good set of features. Next week we’ll be taking a look at the Mail app which is directly connected to the Calendar app. If you want your wallpaper featured in the next video make sure to place it in this OneDrive folder.

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