Windows 10 in-depth: Photos app (video)

Posted by:Sean Michael

The Photos app inside of Windows 10 has a heavy emphasis on sharing. While it can perform light editing, including some cool features such a selective focus, it’s mostly for either presenting photos in a slideshow or sharing them through OneDrive. It has an easy to use, albeit a bit cluttered for my taste, layout and its album feature stands out.

The app lets you select where you want it to collect photos from which is a big help for anyone who already has a folder organization system. It’s also nice if you only want to include a few select folders rather than having the app grab everything.

We already went in depth with the Photos app in text and photo form if you prefer that medium. If you want an app that feels like it belongs in Windows 10, this is a good example. Its user interface and general layout are clearly made by Microsoft and because of that, it does feel very native to the operating system.

If you’d like your photo featured as a wallpaper in a future video, make sure to upload it into this folder.