Windows 10 in-depth: Microsoft Edge (video)

Posted by:Sean Michael

Microsoft Edge is the relatively new browser inside of Windows 10. It’s fast and has recently been updated in the November update. While it isn’t perfect, it does show promise and generally provides a good browsing experience. It still has some stability issues, though they seem to be more rare since the update. The most glaring thing that’s missing is extensions but those are on the way.

Usually for these in depth articles we break down the app in video and print format but in this case we already did a print version when Microsoft Edge first came out. Instead of just repeating it, we’ll break down some of the new changes and you can check out the original here.

In the November Update tab previews were added to Microsoft Edge. This allows users to see a small preview of each tab when they hover their mouse over it. Additionally, Microsoft Edge also lets users cast media. Unfortunately the casting is restricted so it doesn’t work with Netflix or Hulu but many other media types are supported.

Edge doesn’t have all of the touch features that Internet Explorer 11 had, such as swipe to navigate back and forth, but it does have large icons that make it very touch friendly. Even though its icons may be sized for touch, Microsoft Edge is a powerful browser that is meant to be also be used for mouse and keyboard setups.

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