WinBeta Podcast 61: New Start Menu, Messaging Everywhere and more

Posted by:Sean Michael

Welcome to another episode of the WinBeta Podcast. Each week we discuss the top Microsoft related news. This week we cover the latest Windows 10 Mobile build, discuss if Microsoft can save Windows Phone and more.

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Stories covered this week and timestamps:

1:15 New start menu coming possibly next week
4:55 Messaging everywhere
11:18 Windows 10 Mobile build 14322
20:48 Windows 10 Mobile will get a 64 bit version
24:35 Windows Spotlight coming to Windows 10 mobile?
27:35 Apple kills off Quicktime for Windows
31:12 Wordflow on iOS
37:06 Minecraft Lego- we’ve come full circle
37:57 Poll: Can Microsoft save Windows Phone?
42:10 Anniversary update coming to Xbox One preview May/ June
46:21 Microsoft and Facebook announce UWP support for open source React Native