WinBeta Podcast 46: All of Microsoft’s 2015 crammed into one show!

Posted by:Sean Michael

With multiple hardware announcements, the launching of Windows 10, the development of Windows 10 Mobile, and much more happening in 2015, Zac and I decided to have a podcast where we go through the biggest news stories of the year. After a little bit of discussion on this week’s news, we ran through everything from Hololens to the Surface Book to the current rolling out of Windows 10 Mobile. The video is shown above and the audio is below.

This is our last episode of the podcast this year. We’ll be back on January 8th to catchup on any news that breaks over the holidays. If you want to talk tech with us over our break we’re on Twitter and more than happy to talk about what toys you get this year. Our handles are @ZacB_ and @Sean_Michael_UK. Also, WinBeta is going to continue their amazing coverage of all things Microsoft so we’ve got you covered.

On a personal note, I’ve enjoyed doing the podcasts this year so much. We started these about eleven months ago and it’s great to have friends and fans be part of the show. We even had some of our long time listeners on the show’s after party this most recent Friday (thanks for being on everyone!). The comments, Twitter discussions, and friend interaction make the show better and make it a lot more fun to talk tech.

From Zac and I we thank you for tuning in and making the show better. See you all next year. We’ll be back, as Microsoft would say, “Soon ™.”

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