Video: Quick look at Windows 10 build 11102 and Edge’s new history menu

Posted by:Zac Bowden

Woohoo! Microsoft has dropped another new Windows 10 Redstone build for Insiders today, build 11102 which features not much new unfortunately. It does feature one new change however, and that’s a feature in Microsoft Edge which allows you to jump backwards and forwards through your browsing history with the back buttons, kind of like on every other browser ever.

Build 11102, much like 11099 and 11082 before it are still pretty bare feature wise, but this should soon change as Microsoft start checking in code to the main development branches for Insiders to start testing. Right now though, Insiders are still being left in the dark when it comes to new features being included, something that should change pretty soon.

Are you downloading build 11102 yet? Let us know below.