Unboxing the Mozo back covers for the Lumia 650 (video)

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With a new Lumia, comes a new range of fashionable cases and back covers from Mozo. Now in virtually every Mozo related piece I’ve ever published, I’ve gone out of my way to emphasize that Mozo is a designated Microsoft partner for Lumia accessories, as denoted by the label “Designed for Microsoft Lumia” found on each of their products.

Absolutely floored by our work as the 10th happiest website on earth, Mozo has once again taken it upon themselves to graciously furnish WinBeta with accessories for the Lumia 650, which has already vetted by my British colleague on the other side of the pond, and recently released for sale in the US.

Unlike the cases I’ve examined for the Lumia 950, these Lumia 650 cases only replace the skin of the back of the device itself. It doesn’t replace the outer rim, and for good reason. One of the Lumia 650’s biggest selling points is its design, particularly its gorgeous outer ring and I’m glad both Microsoft and Mozo took care to preserve that element of the design.

While you would never mistake either of the imitation wood covers for real wood, they’re so smooth while preserving that subtle wooden grain texture that you really don’t care. They feel amazing to hold. They also add a premium ambiance to the already quite sexy Lumia 650, and I’m almost certain they will be very durable. Although Mozo claims these cases don’t add any thickness, my first impression suggests they do, and I’ll have to examine them more closely to see if my first impression is warranted.

Now interestingly, Mozo decided to give us more variety this time around with its cognac flip cover, which both covers the front of the phone, as well as features two card slots. Like the other two, this accessory is in fact a back cover, so it clips into the phone itself and replaces the factory back cover, which is great, as it helps preserve some of the thinness while not adding unnecessary weight.

Mozo Lumia 650 covers 03

The goal of each of these cases is to add a premium sense of style to their respective Lumia devices, and in this respect they each appear to do a fantastic job.

Look forward to our in-depth reviews of these cases in the future.

You can order the imitation black wood cover here, the imitation light wood cover here, and the cognac flip cover here.