Unboxing and impressions of the Alcatel ONETOUCH Fierce XL with Windows 10

Posted by:Staff Writer

As reported a few weeks ago, Alcatel is one of the few non-Microsoft phone manufacturers thus far that have opted to have a Windows 10 Mobile offering. The ONETOUCH Fierce XL with Windows 10 is eerily similar to its own ONETOUCH Fierce XL released last year, which sports an Android operating system in lieu of Windows 10 Mobile.

The ONETOUCH Fierce XL with Windows 10 is a budget phablet with a 5.5-inch display with a 1280 x 720 resolution, a beefy 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, microSD card support for up to, strangely, 32GB, and a 2500mAh non-removable battery. Solid specs for a $139 USD, especially with the added RAM.

In my short time with it, particularly praiseworthy is the display. It’s sharp colors and text, and ample brightness more than offset its lower pixel density. Particularly awful is the screen material, which has a sticky graininess that just feels gross. Equally awful is the mediocre speaker, which is terrible even by smartphone standards.

Everything else about the phone ranges from mediocre to decent-at-best. Ultimately, it’s a large-sized budget phone that runs Windows 10 Mobile. Nothing else can really be said about it.

You can buy the Alcatel ONETOUCH Fierce XL with Windows 10 on T-Mobile.