The Witcher season 3 gets official teaser trailer and premiere date

Posted by:Robert Collins

We now get our first glimpse at The Witcher season 3 with the first teaser trailer, which Netflix just released today. We also have a premiere date: June 29. Apparently season 3 will be divided into two parts, with the first five episodes appearing first with a short break until episodes 6-8 premiering starting July 27.

The Witcher’s third season of course will be the last to star Henry Cavill in the role of protagonist Geralt of Rivia. Liam Hemsworth will replace him in that role for the fourth season.

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The Witcher is one example of an ongoing renaissance of video game-to-television adaptations courtesy of Netflix and others. The show has been called one of the best video game adaptations ever. It has a loyal fanbase in spite of the show not always strictly adhering to the lore of the Witcher books and video games, but rather forging its own storytelling path. Season 3 looks to deliver more of what has made the show so popular with gamers and fantasy fans in general.

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The show is currently planned for seven seasons, and there are also multiple spinoffs in the works including the animated film Nightmare of the Wolf.

As for the games, a remake of the original Witcher game is in development. The latest installment, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt recently got a next-gen update.