Talk Microsoft 16: Ads in Windows 10, Terminator HoloLens, Creators Update changes

Posted by:Sean Michael

Welcome to episode 16 of ‘Talk Microsoft.’ This week we discuss ads in Windows 10, a Terminator view users can make on HoloLens, Project Scorpio showing up on Microsoft’s store, and more.

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Stories covered this episode:

2:02 New builds of Windows 10
3:03 Windows Mixed Reality Portal
8:20 Playable Ads in Windows 10
12:07 Microsoft services down
15:57 Skype Preview in Xbox Preview Alpha Ring
20:07 Project Scorpio shows up in store
24:15 Poll: What do you think of the Creators Update
31:10 Ads show up in File Explorer
36:27 Making HoloLens look like the Terminator’s view