Skyblivion fan game gets a roadmap and release window

Posted by:Robert Collins

The Elder Scrolls VI is most likely years away. Nevertheless, fans of Bethesda’s iconic open world fantasy action-RPG may not be in for so long a wait for their next adventure in the world of Tamriel thanks to the untiring efforts of a team of 75 volunteer developers.

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The project, “Skyblivion,” is just what it sounds like: The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion remade in its successor Skyrim’s more advanced game engine. Skyblivion has been 11 years in the making at this point, but according to a recent update over on the Skyblivion website it looks like the wait is finally be almost over.

The team has given a release window of “2025 at the latest.” Which means we’ll likely still have plenty of time to enjoy it before the next official entry in the series arrives.

It has also released a roadmap video, seen above, which outlines how far the team has come in this huge endeavor and how much work is left to be done. The game will be made available for free once it releases.

Featured image via u/Rebelzize/Reddit.