Sea of Thieves Season 8 Community Day set for February 11-12

Posted by:Robert Collins

Sea of Thieves’ Season 8 Community Day is set for February 11-12. The event starts at 10am UTC. As part of this Community Day event there will be giveaways in the form of boosted rewards and Twitch drops, as well as a bounty of discounts on offer.

Community Emissary Grade

Raise your Community Emissary grade—and unlock in-game boosts—by tweeting with the hashtag #SeaOfThievesCommunityDay during the event. Reach Grade 5 and you’ll earn double gold, reputation and Seasonal Renown. There will also be login bonuses such as a Scorecard Emote and a special Season Eight Community Day Flag.

Twitch drops

By watching any participating Twitch streamer viewers can earn the Celestial Steed Sails and Ebon Flintlock after watching one hour for each. Note that you’ll need to have your Sea of Thieves and Twitch accounts linked.

Season 8 style of thieves

This competition will be held during the Community Day event. A themes list and submission date will be unveiled on February 11th.

The in-game Pirate Emporium will host a special Delightful Discount Sale from February 11-15.

Wrap up

You can find out more over on the Sea of Thieves website.

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