OnPodcast Episode 69: Surface Laptop Go 2 rumors, Windows Spotlight wallpapers, HoloLens 2 update

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Hi everyone! Welcome back to another OnPodcast episode. We hit episode 69 this week, and it was jam-packed with Surface rumors, as well as giveaways, and a lot more!

The show started with us talking about the Surface Laptop Go 2 rumors, then things shifted over to Windows Insider news, and the new Windows Spotlight wallpaper option in these builds. The final main topic was HoloLens 2 getting a big software update.

As is our signature segment on this podcast, Fast Recap also you covered the other news from the week. We looked at the other news, like third-party widgets in the Microsoft Store, disabling all app icons in Windows 11 system tray, news about switching default browsers, and rumors of a new chip for the Xbox Series X.

Finally, to end the show, we talked about what to expect in Week Ahead. That included our Legion 5i Gaming Tower giveaway, Microsoft’s possible antitrust charges, and a new player entering the browser space.

Thanks as always for joining us! And see you again next week, same place, same time!