Minecraft Update 1.20 to be named “Trails and Tales”

Posted by:Robert Collins

We now know what we’ll be calling the long-awaited Minecraft Update 1.20! During the first installment of the all-new video series “Minecraft Monthly,” the official title of the update was revealed to be “Trails & Tales.”

Though no specific release date is set for the update, we know it will be coming later in 2023. According to the game’s director Agnes Larsson,

The 1.20 update is all about self expression, specifically self expression through representation, story telling, and world building. And, it’s the journey – your trails – that ties it all together. The Minecraft worlds belong to the players – and so do the stories, or tales, about those worlds.

As one would expect, the forthcoming update will deliver some new features to make the Minecraft experience more complete than ever. Among them will be the long-anticipated archeology feature. What else might we expect from Trails and Tales? Here is a short (but by no means comprehensive) list.

  • Camels
  • Bamboo wood set
  • Chiseled bookshelves
  • Hanging signs
  • Armor trims
  • New mob head functionality
  • Archeology
  • The Sniffer mob
  • Cherry blossom biome and wood set

All this and maybe even a few surprises are in store when the Minecraft Trails and Tales update finally releases. No doubt Minecraft fans will be more excited than ever. Hopefully a release date for update 1.20 will be announced soon. In the meantime you can read more over on Minecraft.net.