Microsoft Flight Simulator World Update XIV: Central Eastern Europe now available

Posted by:Robert Collins

Microsoft Flight Simulator World Update XIV: Central Eastern Europe is now live and available for for owners of the game. As the name implies, this newest World Update “captures the majesty, charm and allure of Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, and Bosnia-Herzegovina.”

World Update XIV adds a total of 103 points of interest (POIs) to the game including “Castles, towers, and churches, among other sights, all brilliantly reproduced and awaiting discovery.” There are also six new airports included in this update.

  • Karlovy Vary Airport (LKKV) in Czechia
  • Poprad-Tatry Airport (LZTT) in Slovakia
  • Pécs-Pogány Airport (LHPP) in Hungary
  • Zagorje ob Savi Airport (LJZA) in Slovenia
  • Rijeka International Airport (LDRI) in Croatia
  • Prijedor Urije Airport (LQPD) in Bosnia-Herzegovina

And last but not least are three new discovery flights:

  • Prague in the Czechia
  • Sarajevo in Bosnia-Herzegovina
  • Budapest in Hungary

This in addition to three new landing challenges and four new bush trips.


Coinciding with the release of World Update XIV is the unveiling of Local Legend 11: the Aero Vodochody AE-45 “Aero” family.

The Ae-45 took its maiden flight in 1947. This “twin-engine, low-wing utility aircraft” was made by Czechoslovakia’s Aero Vodochody. 162 of these Ae-45s were built between 1959-1963.

The Ae-145 “features advanced flight controls, improved avionics, supercharged engines, more efficient power management systems, and a canopy offering greater visibility than that of the original Ae-45. The aircraft was ultimately used by civil and military operators in dozens of countries for passenger transport, cargo, air ambulance, flight schools, law enforcement, and other purposes.”

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