HoloLens hands-on: Turning empty space into a thriving virtual office (video)

Posted by:Ron

A few days ago, we unboxed the HoloLens Development Edition (you can watch that video here) and we were left amazed at how remarkable the holographic side of the Windows 10 ecosystem truly is. Expanding on the first video, our friend Sean Ong has taken things a step further and has recorded another video showing how the HoloLens can convert an empty space into a thriving virtual office.

“In this video, I demo and review the HoloLens Development Kit’s ability to convert an empty space into a thriving virtual office, complete with a remote desktop PC! I also show Xbox One streaming, placing holograms, and what it actually looks like through the HoloLens. This technology is unbelievable!” Sean explains. We’ve embedded the video above for your viewing pleasure.

As you will see, one of the coolest parts of the video involves Sean using the HoloLens to play the Xbox One by having a large virtual screen on the wall. Really cool stuff. In the near future, we plan to do a live Q&A with the HoloLens, so stay tuned for that! Share your thoughts about the video in the comments below.